• Lisa Marie

"Verdi's An American Bistro" Knows How To Make Me Feel Special

The beauty of living in Florida is that there are secret vacation getaways around every corner. Marco Island is on the west coast of Florida and it has beautiful white sands, great people, and a relaxed environment.

Marco Island is really an island where you can be served the most amazing dish you’ve ever seen or walk away wondering what you were just served. As long as you have a little guidance, you’ll always come back for more.

My husband and I went to Marco Island for my birthday. We really enjoyed the food at our hotel, but we wanted to try to dine outside of the hotel for the special occasion. I looked up a few restaurants on TripAdvisor on the way back to our hotel, after getting pedicures. One of the highly rated restaurants were in the area, so we decided to take a look. It was called “Verdi’s An American Bistro.”

We pulled into a storefront plaza and I wasn’t sure if we had found the right place. “There is no way that this could be the highly rated American bistro that the review spoke of, or could it?” I thought. There wasn’t one car in sight. I jumped out of the car and cuffed my hand against the window to look inside because the door was locked. As I performed my intrusive act, a man came to the door. He informed me that they weren’t opened yet and he asked me if he could help me. I happened to mention that it was my birthday and we were looking for a dinner location. He took my name down and suggested that I come back for dinner. I made the reservations, right there at the door, never getting a chance to peek inside.

Later that evening, my husband and I returned to the restaurant. We were greeted by a few people, and one of them walked us over to a dimly lit, quaint and elegant room. The table had been marked “reserved” and “Happy birthday Lisa” was scribbled beautifully on the white paper that sat upon the tablecloth. There was glitter, there were candles, and there was a very happy lady…..I sat there there with a permanently plastered smile on my face. They really made me feed special!

The meal only got better. The food was amazing! The steak melted in my mouth, the mashed potatoes were perfect, and the chocolate cake for dessert will make you close your eyes with each bite. The chef must be the most meticulous person in the world because everything was done perfectly. The tables beside us also raved about the high quality of the food. I thought about this restaurant for days after our trip. The restaurant is only open seasonally so make your reservations according to their schedule.

Extra information: There is no outdoor seating or private rooms. The restaurant is very small, so a large party could take up the entire restaurant.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I can’t wait to go back!

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