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Day 3: Eating My Way Through NYC - "Carve Unique Sandwiches"

My husband and I realized a beautiful aspect of New York City. You can sit in your hotel room and order food from almost any restaurant in the area. Living in the suburbs of New York as a child, and living in the suburbs in Florida, I am so used to getting in the car to go everywhere. In NYC, one can definitely get spoiled by having restaurants within walking distance or close enough to do take-out.

We decided to order “Carve Unique Sandwiches" because when we were walking through New York City, it seemed like we saw a “Carve Unique Sandwiches” on almost every corner. Each one was filled with people and there was barely enough room for everyone to have a seat. My husband and I usually like to eat where we see a crowd, so picking this restaurant for our take-out order was an easy decision.

I ordered “The New Cobb” and my husband ordered pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon. Our food arrived in less than 30 minutes. There was so much food! My sandwich had everything I love and just the way I like it. “The New Cobb” has rotisserie turkey, applewood smoked turkey, charred tomatoes, arugula, and guacamole. The sandwich was $9.50, but there is no way that I could eat everything. This sandwich can easily be shared by two people.

My husband enjoyed his food! He mentioned that he loved that the restaurant uses real eggs. A lot of places in Florida use egg beaters or the eggs in a carton. He stated that the eggs at “Carve” taste like they were made at home. I wouldn’t know because as much of a foodie as I am, I don’t like eggs.

Extra information: There are no private rooms.

Would I recommend it: Yes. Maybe, I’ll dine in next time. Great brunch/lunch location!

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