• Lisa Marie

Sal's Italian Ristorante : Like Mama Used to Make!

Sometimes I feel like I must have been Italian in my past life. Whenever I go to “Sal’s Italian Ristorante” I feel like I’m back at mama’s house and I should place my fingers to my lips and make a kissing sound. The food really taste like home-cooked Italian food, like mama used to make. Obviously, not my “mama,” but somebody’s “mama.” Sal’s Italian Ristorante” is a chain, and I wish I could speak this highly of all of their restaurants. However, I can’t, I can only speak about the Miramar, FL location on Miramar Parkway.

The restaurant is in a busy plaza with a major supermarket and other novelty stores. However, parking is always available. When you walk into the restaurant, it is dimly lit and quaint. It has about four columns of booths or tables.

The menu is diverse and the food is incredible! It is definitely on my top ten list of great Italian restaurants in Florida. My favorites are the spicy wings, penne a la vodka, and the pizza! The pizza is large and similar to New York pizza in appearance and taste. Their garlic rolls are amazing. A lot of Italian restaurants overdo the garlic and the oil. This restaurant has a perfect balance. Who wants to taste lingering garlic in their mouth even after the meal? I am not a fan of their specialty salads, but their house salad and original balsamic vinaigrette are sooo good! They really should sell their salad dressing in stores. Don't forget to order a sangria. It is very refreshing!

The staff makes you feel at home. They remember your face and even your order if you go their often enough. One of the owners, Cliff, rolls up his sleeves and gets behind the counter and in the kitchen with the rest of the staff. The chefs are amazing, there is one chef in particular named Ivner that has been there for a long time and I can tell when he makes my wings. It is literally, finger licking good.

The catering prices are very fair. Italian food goes a long way, so you always get so much food for the amount of money spent. I’ve used them to cater about four or five parties at my home, and my guest have never been disappointed.

Extra information: They do deliver. However, their delivery is very slow so if you live in the area, it is better if you pick it up. If you want a private party, they can separate the restaurant in half if you have enough people, but they do not have private rooms.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! The food is great!

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