• Lisa Marie

Paradiso 37: Listen to the Warning Signs

Orlando is a common vacation spot for tourist and local residents. Earlier in the year, my husband and I spent a week in Orlando, FL. We wanted to catch a quick bite to eat before hitting the road and heading back down to South Florida. I had been attending a conference, and a fellow peer recommended “Paradiso 37.” I didn’t find out where it was located but I made a mental note for a future trip. Our hotel was right next to Downtown Disney, so we walked around to see where we could get a quick lunch. As we passed by each restaurant, it was either closed or had a long waiting list. We kept walking, starting to fidget in our layers of clothes as the sun’s warmth beat on our skin. As I looked up, I saw the “Paradiso 37” sign. I grabbed my husband’s arm, and yelled “That’s the restaurant my friend told me about!” "It must be fate!" I whispered to myself. They weren’t that busy and they said that the wait would be less than fifteen minutes. Warning Sign # 1.

I’m a frequent Mexico visitor. My husband and I travel to Mexico about 2-3 times a year because we have fallen in love with the people, food, and culture in its entirety. So, we were excited to have some great Mexican food.

As we sat down, our waiter greeted us and he looked a little overwhelmed. Warning sign # 2. He took our drink orders and gave us some pointers on the menu. As we reviewed the menu, the table beside us began to complain to the server about several items. After we placed our order, we waited, and waited, and waited for our food. Forty-five minutes in and I had an over-sweetened pina colada and our quick lunch was slipping through our fingers. Within a few minutes, another table started to complain. Warning sign # 3.

Why didn’t we get up at this point? Umm….I don’t know. We were seated, my friend gave it a raving review, and……it was hot outside! In retrospect, I should of listened to the signs. Any of the three warning signs should of told me to run for the hills. The lunch became worse by the minute. The food wasn’t good at all. The cheese on the nachos tasted artificial and the entrees were just as bad.

Would I recommend it: No. I’m not sure how this restaurant has remained open, especially in such a reputable place like Downtown Disney. I wish I could give every restaurant a raving review but a part of my job is to go to the front line of battle for you. Trust me, this restaurant is not worth the battle, the wait, the heartache, or the stomachache. Maybe they were having a bad day or maybe they're just a bad restaurant that is surviving based on its location. If you had a good experience there, let me know. Leave a comment.

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