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Cinebistro: Movie watching has come a long way!

The movie theater business has come a long way. We went from drive-in movie theaters to sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Now, our chairs recline and move in alignment with the action of the movie, our glasses are 3-D, and the screen and the auditoriums are becoming more grandiose. To place the icing on the cake, several theaters are now serving us food right before the movie begins. Cinebistro, located in Doral, FL and sprinkled throughout the remainder of the country, is a movie and dining concept that has become popular among the few movie dining locations popping up throughout Florida.

Cinebistro host a full menu and waiter service before the start of the movie. It is located at the Dolphin Mall. Due to the many restaurants and stores, parking can be hard to find, there are even long lines for the valet. The theater used to pay for your valet parking. However, that courtesy is no longer provided.

The theater is on the second floor, so you can take the stairs outside of the mall or ride the escalator to the top. Upon entry of Cinebistro, it looks like you have entered a sophisticated bar. It is well decorated and the lights are dim. There are lounge chairs and sofas cascaded throughout the room. One may think that they have reached their final destination, but there is more, the actual movie theater is ahead. There is a check-in desk, however, you can order your tickets on-line as well. Bring your identification card, because sometimes they are very strict about it and other times they don't even ask. Trust me, I've actually been sent back to my car to get my i.d. and I don't look like a teeny bopper by any means.

Once checked in, you walk down a hallway, like a traditional movie theater, to your particular movie. The seats are large and have a food tray attached to the arm rest. You have to arrive at the movie theater thirty minutes before the starting time if you want your food brought to you by the sever. However, if you come later, you can pick your food up at a "pick-up window" or order popcorn, candy, and drinks like any other theater.

A full menu, similar to any other American casual dining location is given and you can order your entire meal. The food at Cinebistro used to be amazing, now it is a little bit better than average. I'm not sure what happened over the years but it isn't quite as good as about three or four years ago.

My husband likes to get the beef sliders and the sweet and spicy wings. I've never had the sliders, but the wings are a little too sticky and sweet to me. He swears by the banana caramelized cheesecake dessert and reminded me several times to include it in this article. Make sure you get it! I used to enjoy the fish and steak entrees. However, they haven't been as impressive on the last few visits. I even had to send my fish back because it smelled very "fishy." Does anyone know if they have had a change in owners or chefs?

Overall, I really enjoy going to Cinebistro in Doral, FL. It's a really cool concept and I always have a great time. The chairs do not recline and they don't give you a blanket, like the Ipic theater (another movie dining establishment) in Boca Raton. However, the ambiance of Cinebistro is very romantic, and it is a great place for a date, especially if your date has never had this experience before.

Extra Information: Expect to pay a lot more than your regular movie theater prices because you're paying for parking, movie tickets, dinner, and a tip.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. However, I honestly don't go as much as I used to because of the decline in the food quality and the higher prices. I love to take my out of town guest here because they are usually blown away by the concept and the liveliness of the Dolphin Mall. In addition, Ipic Theater's food in Boca Raton is not as good as Cinebistro because it has more of a sports bar menu. So, if you're going to pick one of the two, I would defintely go with Cinebistro. Which movie dining place do you go to? I would love to blog about it.

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