• Lisa Marie

Beauty and the Feast

As you drive down Ft. Lauderdale Beach all the restaurants can seem to mirror each other and resemble a cookie cutter mold of high rise buildings, patio dining across from the ocean, and well dressed staff waiting at the curb to valet your car. However, one hotel, stands apart from the rest. The Atlantic Hotel is a unique property in it's ability to be an upscale hotel in the Fort Lauderdale district with amazing suites, breathtaking views, a handful of celebrities walking around the property, a friendly staff, and one of its greatest assets: The Beauty and the Feast restaurant.

The Beauty and The Feast restaurant can be seen as you drive along Fort Lauderdale Beach. Its guest can dine indoors or sit outside with the Florida sunshine, as they watch the waves and the people strolling by. The outside dining is not on the sidewalk so the strollers can lean over your plate, sneeze/cough, or stand at an uncomfortably close distance like other beachfront restaurants. The outside dining is elevated, and the people strolling by must walk up a set of stairs if they are interested in dining at the restaurant.

If you are driving, the valet will take your car and the restaurant will validate the payment by giving you a special stamp or ticket after your meal. As you walk through the lobby of the hotel, it is tempting to ask the front desk to book you a room. However, stay focused, you're there for the restaurant. As you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by its modern and ecletic decorations. There are sayings on the walls, beautiful wall paper, and a well decorated entrance room. As you continue to walk further, you have the option to sit outside on the patio or dine inside as you watch the chefs at work. This restaurant is very small and reminds me of a modern, chic bistro. However, the flavor and pop of the food makes up for size of the restaurant.

The menu is great throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner. The menu has mainly american entrees. The chefs have outdone themselves by making sure that each plate is fresh, filled with great taste, and has a unique presentation. My favorites are the salads and the pizza. Honestly, I haven't had a bad meal at this restaurant yet and my husband and I spend many Saturday brunches and holidays here.

During the holiday season, the Beauty and the Feast restaurant creates a special menu where they place a buffet of food at your table for your party. My husband and I have spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Beauty and the Feast and we were blown away each time. For the holiday package, you pay a set price and you and your guest pick your protein and all of your sides. The meal even comes with a dessert. By the time the server brought all of the dishes to our table, it seemed like we were at home having a holiday meal. It's a great place for travelers to enjoy a holiday night or for residents to avoid the stress and hassle of the holiday season.

Extra information:There are no private rooms. They do not do take-out orders. Reservations are appreciated, especially for the holiday nights.The prices are little higher than casual dining prices. You will see higher prices along Fort Lauderdale beach.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. You may run into me there!

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