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7 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Someone At A Restaurant

Breaking up can be hard to do for anyone in any location. Whether you've been with the person for a few weeks or a few years, this process is never easy. It is rare that both people want to break up at the same time, so break ups are usually awkward, emotional, and can be very upsetting to both parties.

I haven't had too many break-ups but one of my break-ups was at an Applebee's

restaurant. I was dating a guy in a long distance relationship and he happened to be in town for the weekend. At that time, I was still in college and I didn't have my own house, nor did he, so break ups were limited to the driveway of my parent's home, my car, or a long walk. I knew that I didn't want to tell him that I couldn't see him anymore by phone or text (did we have text back then? I think we did). So, we met at my local Applebee's restaurant. We ordered our food, he ordered a meal and I ordered dessert. He asked, "that's all you're going to eat?" and I told him that I wanted to talk about a few things. I explained that I didn't want to pursue a relationship with him, and that I could not do a long distance relationship. I was honest. I told him that I had met a really great guy and I would have to stop talking to him. By the time I got everything out, the food arrived. The fact that it was a public place changed the dynamics of our break up, and the restaurant allowed me to have one of my smoothest break ups ever. Here are a few tips explaining why a restaurant is the best place for a break up.

1. The Break Up Is Face To Face - breaking up by phone if the person is within a 50 mile radius or by text under any condition is just tacky. A break up face to face shows the person that they are worthy of your time, the opportunity to ask questions and get answers, and to allow a proper closure.

2. The Break Up Is Not In The Heat Of The Moment - A lot of times we want to break up for the wrong reasons, its not a permanent decision, or it's in the heat of the moment. Picking a restaurant, a time, and making accommodations allows enough time for you to think about the arrangements and whether or not you truly want to break up with the other party. No one wants to be in a "yo-yo" relationship where they're breaking up and getting back together again repetitively.

3.The Break Up Is In Public - Sometimes people can get very upset, loud, or even become violent during a break up. If they are upset, the public environment of the restaurant may tame their emotions. However, you want to choose an intimate quiet restaurant. Breaking up at a loud and distracting restaurant can be insensitive. Nobody wants to have a break up by at Chuckie Cheese while the mouse is asking for a picture. If the person that you are breaking up with becomes loud or violent, you are in a public place that is safe for both parties and can provide a sense of security.

4. You Have the Food To Distract You When Things Get Awkward Or You Don't Know What To Say - Sometimes, the break up can lead to awkward pauses or moments where expression can be difficult. The food can provide a nice distraction to chew and get your thoughts together. The downfall of having food in the midst of a break up is a violent partner may throw their drink or toss their food on you. In that case, you should wait until the end of the meal to break up with the person.

5. When The Check Arrives, It Finalizes Everything So The Break Up Is Not Prolonged. Many break ups go on and on, and the person breaking up does not know how to wrap it up and part ways. The check is a nice opportunity to say final words, pay, and slowly get up and walk out to the car. Paying of the bill can be awkward based on the dynamics of your relationship and who is breaking up with whom. Do not expect the person that you just broke up with to pay for your meal. Also, it is a good idea to meet the other party at the restaurant because the drive home can be uncomfortable.

6. It Helps If You Genuinely Want To Stay Friends - The way you break up with the person is a reflection on you. If you sincerely want to stay friends, the other party will remember that you took the time to discuss things in person, take them to a restaurant, and offered to pay the bill. Who wouldn't want to be your friend? Well, maybe not immediately, but eventually.

7. Eating Is A Part Of the Grieving Process - Now, your one step closer to moving through the stages of grieving the relationship. We've all seen the movies with the girl eating the carton of ice cream or the man continuously eating pizza. You can check that off of your list, you have already indulged.

Take my advice, a restaurant break up may be the best way to end your relationship with someone. Let us know how it goes, we would love the feedback.


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