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Brazilian Steakhouses: Chima vs. Texas de Brazil

There are Brazilian steakhouses all over the state of Florida. Many offer buffet style, a la carte, meat stations, or have servers walk around with meat options. Of the most popular options, you normally hear people throw out common names such as “Texas de Brazil” or “Chima.” Both provide examples of the Brazilian steakhouse experience in a different way. I’m here to help you to make the choice that suits you best.

Upon arrival: Of the two restaurants in question, Chima has a grander entrance. Chima is located all over the country. However, the Florida location is near the Ft. Lauderdale beach and there is valet service waiting for you at the curb. As you walk in, there is a foyer that has been lavishly decorated with water ponds, beautiful stones, and greenery that lace the surroundings as far as your eyes can see. It is great for socializing or taking pictures with your family. During special holidays, they invite face painters or have entertainment for the children. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by several hostess and are taken to your seat in a beautiful room with sky lights, fire places, and great décor.

Texas de Brazil is also a very refined dining location. The entrance of most of their locations are pretty similar. The Florida locations are both located in plazas, one being the middle of the Dolphin Mall (Doral, Fl) and the other being the middle of The Gulfstream Park (Hallandale, Fl). It is also well decorated with a dimly lit atmosphere that feels very romantic.

Food Variety: The concept for both Chima and Texas de Brazil are exactly the same. There is a buffet option, servers walk around with protein seared through a knife, and set carbohydrates (mashed potatoes, plantain, etc) are placed on the table. There is a card placed at each seat. When you expose the green side of the card, you are inviting the servers to stop by and offer you the specific meat that they are carrying. If the card is flipped to the red side, you are telling the servers that you do not want to be offered any meat at that particular time. The buffet at Texas de Brazil has more choices and provides more of an American appeal. I could have a meal from the salad buffet alone at Texas de Brazil. At Chima, their salad buffet is limited, but they have more options being brought around by the servers. At Chima, the servers also walk around with fish, which attracts people that do not eat red meat or prefer to have a lighter protein.

Food Quality: The food quality is high at both restaurants. Chima may take the lead by a small amount in this category. However, you will not be disappointed at either restaurant.

Experience: Your experience will be great across the board. Who doesn’t like sitting down and having food brought to them every few minutes? At Chima, you have the beach environment, you’re catered to by more people, and they use an ipad to share the drinks, dessert, and personal menu options. The Brazilian concept at both restaurants will impress your guest, but if you want to blow them away, Chima provides the most impressive experience.

Cost: Texas de Brazil cost less than Chima. Texas de Brazil cost $26.99 per person at lunch and $46.99 per person at dinner. Chima cost $52.50 per person. Both restaurants offer a reduced price for eating only the salad bar.

Overall, if I want Brazilian food I’m completely happy at both places. If I want to take guest out for a special occasion or if I have out-of-towners interested in experiencing the best of Florida, Chima wins every time. However, if I am going out for a dinner for two with my husband, my personal preference is Texas de Brazil. The buffet has a wider selection, it’s closer to my home, and the price is less. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Bring an empty stomach and enjoy yourself! Follow us and we will rate all of the other Argentinian restaurants in Florida. Maybe, we’ll find a third contender. I’ll be on the look-out for more that meet this standard.

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