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Carl's Seafood

Lauderhill, FL has become a common location for Jamaican restaurants. Here, you can find a Jamaican restaurant on almost every block and some plazas have two Jamaican restaurants competing side by side. Throughout all of the competition, only the unique will survive. Carl's Seafood has definitely found its niche and recognizes the needs and palate of their target audience.

The restaurant sits on the corner spot of the plaza on Oakland Park Blvd. Upon entering the restaurant, you are usually greeted by the owner with a friendly remark to make you feel at home. There is always a line because the food is a coveted favorite for many in the area. However, the line moves at a moderate speed and you should be in and out in five to ten minutes. The staff is friendly and takes your order with a smile (unfortunately, that is not the norm in most Jamaican restaurants).

The menu is thorough, serving all of the traditional Jamaican foods and a few delicacies that you don't usually see on Jamaican menus. The restaurant does not serve pork. However, as stated in their name, they have a variety of seafood options to make up for it. The curry goat is one of their best dishes. While standing in line, you will constantly hear people asking for it as they walk in. If you go in the evening, expect the curry goat to be gone.

On Sunday, they have a buffet at a set price. They will also allow you to fill up a styrofoam tray with as much food as possible for a set buffet price to take to-go.

I've personally used Carl's Seafood to cater events at my house and parties on several occasions. Their curry goat, oxtail, and fish are always a great hit. They also make a great rice and peas! For dessert, I would recommend the Jamaican rum cake! Their catering prices are beyond fair and the owner is great at helping you decide exactly how much food you will need for your party.

Extra information: You can dine in or take out your order. The restaurant does not have reservations. However, it is not needed. Most of their customers order their food and leave. They do not deliver. There are no private rooms.

Would I go back again? Of course! It's a family favorite. As a woman of Jamaican decent, I can say that this restaurant is truly authentic and provides great service. I would love to hear about your experience. Write a comment on our blog page, Facebook, or Twitter.

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