• Lisa Marie

Mustard Seed Bistro

The Mustard Seed is a bistro situated in a plaza directly east of Broward Mall. This plaza reminds me of one of the smaller communities in the city of New York. The restaurant has a trendy vibe with old-fashion customer service. If you go a few times, they'll start to remember your face and maybe even remember your name.

As you walk towards the restaurant, you will see a few tables outside to enjoy your meal in our beautiful Florida weather. I always sit here because it is a little quieter than inside the restaurant and you can barely notice the cars driving by on University Drive.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are met with quaint and intimate surroundings. The tables are close, but not close enough to be bothered by your neighbor. At lunch time, the chatter in the room is at an ultimate high because a lot of business employees in the area enjoy their lunch at this hidden gem. The room is dimly lit and great for business lunches or grabbing lunch with a friend.

The menu is amazing! It is an American Bistro that has made fresh, light, and well seasoned food in every bite. My favorites are the Peruvian stew, salmon dishes, and a variety of their salads. This restaurant has made me want to give up on restaurant chains and find every "mom and pop" restaurant in Florida. The price at lunch is standard, however the dinner prices are a little overpriced in my opinion.

Just when you think that it can't get any better, they offer you the dessert list. Each day, the restaurant makes gourmet cupcakes from scratch. Their cupcakes are moist enough for you to close your eyes with each bite! Rumor has it that this restaurant is run by a married couple. The husband makes the food and the wife bakes the cupcakes. If this is true, it is a match made in heaven!

Extra information: The restaurant no longer does deliveries, but they do take-out orders. There are no private rooms.

Would I go back again: Yes, it's definitely in the top ten lunch restaurants in Plantation. I would love to hear about your experience. Write a comment on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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