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Bob Marley A Tribute to Freedom

I have been to Universal City Walk on several occasions, but I have never looked up and noticed the restaurants on the second floor. On the second floor host several highly rated restaurants, including the Bob Marley restaurant. This restaurant is decorated like a colorful house on the outside that resembled some of the homes in Jamaica. I was impressed by the decorations but immediately feared that this would be an overly commercial establishment that lacked the true Jamaican flavor that lingered in my mother's pots and pans.

Upon entering the restaurant, my eyes quickly danced around the room to take in all of the Bob Marley photos on the wall. They are very personal photos of his family and career, and it gives you the sense of intimacy; almost as if you had just walked into his house. The center of the restaurant is topless to allow sunlight to come in by day or for you to gaze at the stars in the evening. The tables and accessories are very authentic to a traditional Jamaican home or food stop.

The menu is pretty close to a traditional Jamaican menu, with the exception of a few entrees. For an appetizer, the jerk chicken wings are a great option. The Bob Marley A Tribute To Freedom restaurant is known for their oxtail and I think that it would be a sin for you to go their without trying it! I've eaten Jamaican food my entire life and I have never seen oxtail fall off of the bone and melt in my mouth!

The drink and dessert options could be improved. The drinks are extremely sweet and I would've expected a restaurant like this to have mastered a great pina colada or strawberry daiquiri. However, the restaurant makes up for it with the rum punch. Jamaica is known for so many desserts. However, the signature Jamaican dessert, Jamaican rum cake (also known as Jamaican black cake) was surprisingly not on the menu!

I was told that if I stayed passed a certain time, there would be a band playing. However, I didn't get to hear them play because I left shortly after dinner.

This restaurant is great for a date night or a night out with a group of friends. Good food, great staff, and Caribbean music. I felt like I was at home!

Extra information: You have to pay a fee to park at Universal City Walk. So, if you are only there for the restaurant, the price can add up quickly. The restaurant does reservations but it is through a City Walk reservation system. If you can, ask for Milan, he is an amazing server.

Would I go back again? Yes! I would actually think about making a special trip just for the oxtail.

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