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Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze, Sunrise Fl is a commercial Caribbean establishment on the perimeter of the Sawgrass Mills mall. It is nestled on a small body of water and provides outside and indoor dining. The restaurant host a live band on the weekends, which can provide a relaxing experience. At the entrance of the restaurant, you have the option to do valet parking, where the attendants park your car directly in front of the restaurant or across the street, at the Sawgrass Mills Mall parking lot.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are met with an extremely commercial, yet enticing Caribbean atmosphere. The restaurant is divided into 3 sections. It is dimly lit and you are provided with a view to watch the chefs cook all of the meals from most of the seats in the restaurant. The staff is dressed in Caribbean attire and they are usually provide decent service.

The menu is pretty diverse with entrees inspired by the Caribbean islands. The price is standard and comparable to a Chili's, TGIF, or Ruby Tuesday.

The drink list is tropical and the bar does a good job of making Caribbean specialties. My parents are from Jamaica, and although the food is not completely authentic, they believe that it is very tasty and they have boasted that the Bahama Breeze makes the best Pina Colada in the area. The lemonade is a signature drink for the restaurant. Although it is quite tart, it's tasty and comes in a container that allows you to refill your own drink.

A lot of the menu items have changed over the years. It's great to come in and see a new item on the menu but you shouldn't be surprised if your favorite meal has been replaced or taken off of the menu because of budget cuts. As the staff has explained, some entrees require ingredients that are too costly. The actual meals are decent and you're bound to find a favorite on the menu. I would't say that they are known for any specialty item, but most of the food is good.

I haven't had many of the desserts. However, the Key Lime pie is great!

Extra information: The restaurant does not do reservations, but they do accept "call ahead" service. Take out service is an option, but they do not deliver. There are no private rooms. However, you could have a private event in the outside area.

Would I go back again? Yes, because it's a classic restaurant for my family. However, it is not my first choice. It is definitely one of a kind. Most of the other Caribbean restaurants in the area are not as commercial and do not create the same experience. I would love to hear about your experience. Write a comment on our Facebook or Twitter Page!


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