Behind The Scenes

Meet the people who work endlessly behind the scenes to make the products, restaurants, and hotels in Florida run smoothly. 

Chef Christina Moore

Christina Moore is a chef from Connecticut that has graced the state of Florida with her own spin on catering. She has created a palate of colors and spices and people across Broward County are really enjoying it! She is a mother and wife, and like most of us she enjoys a good meal. She attended culinary school in Florida and even worked with the renowned Chef Emeril for three years at his restaurant in South Beach.

Chef Manlee Siu

The food at "Angle" is fine dining at its best. Each plate has been thoughtfully prepared with the harmonious blends of seasonings and textures. You'll feel like your tongue is on an adventure! Nothing beats great food, except the reassurance of knowing that the chef in the kitchen has your best interest at heart. I was thoroughly impressed with Chef Siu. She shares her path with her guests and unknowingly inspires others to follow their dreams.

Taste History - Lori J. Durante - IMG_0884

Lori J. Durante may be the hardest working woman in Broward and Palm Beach County. I was able to spend the day with her on one of the Taste History Culinary Tours. As the executive tour directer, Lori J. Durante manages to run one of the best culinary tours that I have ever been on, continues to pour her love and wisdom into South Florida, and she promotes education through her Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History.