Learn About "The Florida Palate."

How did "The Florida Palate" get started?

Florida is known for having quite a large restaurant and hotel market with a myriad of options to choose from. However, most Floridians often ask the questions, "where should we eat tonight?" or "where can we find a good hotel for our vacation?" Like most people, my family, friends, and co-workers spent more time trying to decide where to eat or vacation than actually doing it. Somehow, along the path of restaurant and hotel demise, I became the food and hotel advocate for my intimate group of family and friends. I would suggest a location and everyone would love it! They were pleased with my choice and I would get a great sense of satisfaction whenever someone enjoyed their meal or had a fabulous vacation.


Life is too short not to have an amazing meal or a relaxing vacation to look forward to. After years of becoming quite familiar with the Florida restaurant and hotel scene, I realized that not every restaurant/hotel that was highly rated was truly worth my time and some restaurants/hotels that seemed to linger in the middle of the list were definitely overlooked.

There is no way that I would ever pretend to have been to every great restaurant/hotel in Florida, nor would I ever say that I am a professional critic. The bottom line is I like to eat and travel; the Florida standard has been ingrained and cultivated in me, and I would love to share this experience with you. I look forward to us expanding our knowledge base, scintillating our palates, and creating a community that will help us to look forward to our restaurant and hotel experiences.

Who is behind "The Florida Palate?"

Hello Everyone,


I am your writer, the food and travel advocate! Let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you can get to know your food and travel pusher. 


My parents are of Jamaican decent and my grandparents are of Cuban, Jamaican, and Indian decent.  I grew up in a household full of rich ingredients and spices. I learned about great food at a young age. As a child, I could tolerate any spicy entree. Unfortunately, my eyes would water and my nose would run, but I would persevere through the spice and savor the flavor. Living with a mother that was an incredible cook made me look forward to my meals. In the eighties, going out to a restaurant was a rare treat, and it only happened a few times a month for our family. I was raised in New York, which is the mecca of diversity. Thus, my palate was being groomed at home and in my surroundings (from an early age). Upon moving to Florida at the age of eight, I started to have an even greater appreciation for the food that I was exposed to consistently. With my Caribbean heritage, New York roots, and Florida lifestyle, my stomach has grown accustomed to food of every nation.


As I grew up, I began to realize the power of food, and the impact of traveling and embracing other cultures. Good food makes people smile, and great food makes the room quiet. Good food brings one or two people together, and great food starts a party. Good food can lift your day, and great food can change your day entirely. 


I'm looking forward to getting to know you as we embark on some great food (adventures), explore Florida and beyond, and learn about ourselves and the people around us along the ride. Let's get the party started!

What else does  "The Florida Palate?" have to offer?

What else does  "The Florida Palate?" have to offer?

  • Discovering Florida's best dishes, restaurants, and hotels/resorts

  • Restaurant and hotel critiques in Florida and around the world 

  • Comedic and Personal Narratives 

  • Informative text

  • Food and travel products that I recommend

  • Travel information

  • Food and Travel Events

  • Discussion on Social Media Sites 

  • A Personal Concierge Service to help you dine at the best restaurants and reside at the greatest hotels that Florida has to offer 

  • A community that we can all feel comfortable to learn, share, and experience a higher quality of life

What does the logo represent?

The logo is near and dear to my heart.  The spoon and fork represent the utensils used most often in my home. Initially, the British government owned Jamaica, so it has a great influence on the Jamaican culture. As a result of the British influence, Jamaicans are accustom to the British etiquette, its hospitality customs, and dining like the king and queen. Jamaicans have a high standard of dining etiquette and make sure that their children adapt the same customs. However, in the comfort of your own home, a spoon is an essential part of the dining experience. It is used to stir the ingredients into harmony, serve the food with love, and often used to eat the meal as well. The spoon reminds me of my mother, a woman who prefers a spoon over any other utensil. Therefore, the spoon has become a part of me. The palm tree represents Florida, my place of residence for the past twenty-six years. The palm tree is circular to signify the globe. The globe symbolizes all of the nations in my ancestral past, the food from across the world that I have grown to appreciate, and the travels that I have experienced and look forward to enjoying with you.